I have a tumor (works best with arnold schwartzenegger accent)

See full size image

This isn’t going to be published for a while but I thought you should know even though you still don’t know. I am taking medicine and it should all go away within six months. I thought it was a good diagnosis for this to be going away within a year, but I am experiencing puberty all over again. I am moody and my children are driving me nuts. I need them to be more mature than what they are. When I am experiencing a migraine for two days and my daughter does not understand why I cannot get her chocolate milk, I have melt downs. I do make unbelievable chocolate milk, though. I am doing my best to not get down on myself. I am tired more often than I ever thought. I get nauseous and I have gained back all the weight I have lost because you can be tired but still eat chocolate. The migraine has caused chocolate and caffeine to give me minor headaches so perhaps now I will become a fitness nut. I have someone to help me with my kids and someone to help me clean my house and now I just need a manicurist to come to my house. I will have to look into that.

I still do my own laundry, though.
People have been really understanding and that has been wonderful. I wonder if everyone has to go through a period of life where we are given the opportunity to rely on others and we are supposed to take that time and rely on others. It is a very difficult thing to do. I wonder when I stopped liked being taken care of. I have to take breaks all the time, though.
I had a migraine on Friday and Saturday and I told Kevin that my feet and hands were numb. He thought it was due to the tumor and not my migraine. He waited until I was asleep and stuck a needle in my foot to see if I had a reaction and I didn’t. Kevin got scared and wondered if my tumor was getting bigger. It isn’t and now he realizes that it was because of the migraine but he was so worried about me that he stuck a needle in me to see if I was ok. It is a very sweet love story. He is no longer allowed to watch House, however

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