Steele no Decision

just finished the book one sure thing. The mother was dying of cancer and the daughter came home to take care of her. it was about the two types of women – those who choose staying at home and those who choose to work. The author’s point was that there is no clear cut division and most women are in the middle. I’m not sure I am anywhere. I have decided to make january homemaker month. I’m going to try and cook, enjoy my children, make homemade cookies and turn our house into a home. then in february I’m going to get a job and see how that works.

I have a friend who is sick and her friend told her that she is being the parent her child needs right now. I think that is generally the case. I think the kids have the parents they need and the parents have the kids they need. I think the key is to have everyone just try to get along. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps we are supposed to be one kind or another parent. It sure seems like there is a right or wrong when the topic comes up in conversation.

I just stuck james into tae kwon do and i wonder if that is right. I have katherine in ballet and gymnastics. i wonder if I’m stereotyping katherine or putting my kids in too much. or am i not doing enough? what about seth? am i so busy that i don’t read to him enough and he will be stunted for the rest of his life? did I have my kids too close together or too far apart? Should I have gotten a puppy? What happened to my girlish figure?

I have no clue. I do know, however, that remington steele’s hair is much better 3rd season than 1st.

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