Mother of the Day

I win. I normally believe that my children’s biggest obstacle in life is their mother. It is pretty much a guessing game on my part and adaptation on their part. I have crackers and cheese easily accessible so that they can snack any time they want. Same with apples and occasionally fruit snacks. James and Katherine will even feed Seth. Today James told me he could babysit if we paid him because he knows how to make cereal and PBJ.

Today, however, i made the top of the class. kevin’s dad is sick and so he is in idaho with his family. i am alone. today after school i had ballet lessons at 530, james had science night at 645 and I had a photoshop class at 630. i got a babysitter starting at 5. i took Kath to her class, arranged for a friend to take james to science night with a project ready to go (baking soda, citric acid, and vinegar… you get it) and made it to my class only fifteen minutes late and james got a certificate for participating. Granted, i wouldn’t get the award without a babysitter and an amazing friend helping me, but i was still pretty prepared today. of course, i did not feed my kids today… at least i have no memory of preparing food. for breakfast, my kids ate cereal out of the box. we had mcdonalds for lunch provided by another friend who dropped her daughter off for a play date and then the babysitter made mac and cheese, but still… i have a tumor. (hopefully i only have until october to use this excuse, so you may hear it a lot until then)

so cheetos for someone who normally rates sub-par as a mom.

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