I knit. I am under 60 and I knit. I even go to knitting group on Wednesdays. It is an amazing night. there are about ten of us. I would like to say that i am the youngest one there, but i am not. there is a recent college grad there who i am trying to understand. she is going to hawaii. her goal before going is to knit all of her tops. she was knitting a tank top last week. not a vest, a tank top. she is knitting a bathing suit cover. i kept imagining her drowning from the weight of the wet yarn. i have knitted a scarf and now i am knitting a square. i belong to their square of the month club. in 12 months, i will have 12 squares which will become a blanket. i will also have learned 12 patterns and will be a master knitter. right now, if i am knitting, i am doing nothing else. i am counting. i try and watch tv or talk to others while knitting, but then i start counting out loud. i watched lost 5 times this week, i figure, from rewinding it to figure it out while counting. i am doing the moss pattern right now which is knit 2, pearl 2. i will learn how to yarn over next week. i figure, if by end of the year, i could pair up with jack bauer on 24 and we could save the universe. instead of torturing, we could put them in the water with a bathing suit cover on that i knitted and when they have almost drowned, we will let them up and have them tell us their secrets. maybe that is torture. but in a cute, handmade outfit.

i bought yarn because it was on sale and pretty but was told I could only make scarves with it. how many scarves do i need? so i am more careful with my purchases. i will now be able to make a hat with some other yarn. i am becoming so domestic. i was mom of the week yesterday and i knit today. tomorrow the world.

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