Marianne’s Trashy Book Club

I joined a book club at the locally owned bookstore and I truly love it. I have met women there that I would meet nowhere else. The only problem is that they choose books with depth. I have nothing against depth, but I’m in the mood for shallow. I really enjoy books that have not been translated from a different language, have little plot development and the characters are one dimensional. You can put the book down without a bookmark, pick it up, start reading, and it doesn’t really matter what page you read. It is rather hard to find people who want to admit that they read this. I have decided to be the strong one and invite others to join me. I will list a book that you can generally find at Target or your library which generally has a cartoon or a really muscular male on the cover. Or every chapter is separated by a cookie recipe or a knitting pattern. Knit One, Kill Two was a classic. You can read these books in almost one sitting.

I accept suggestions, but if Book Review likes it, it is probably too deep. I found a book that was reviewed by Michael Kors. People is also a good source of literature reviews. And it has a great crossword.

We can’t really have a discussion because it is on the internet. We can comment, and I will write a post on how the book has changed my life. I think I will have one post a week where we can comment on the book if we so like. I’m not sure if the books will really merit weekly posts, but this is an idea in development. Any other suggestions, let me know.

Book will be chosen by Friday.

One response to “Marianne’s Trashy Book Club

  1. Count me in. I was VT’ing one day and the woman I was visiting said she liked to read. So, I invited her to my book group. She said probably not since the books that she liked to read were pretty much soft porn. OH. OK. blink. blink.I had to admire her honesty.

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