March’s Book of Trash

Ok. I picked a book. I have never read it before and I have no idea how “involved” the couple get. I have read five chapters. There is no murder or mystery in this one. I haven’t read a true romance without someone dying in it since Sweet Valley High, so this is exciting.

I chose this book very scientifically. It was on a table at Costco and it cost $5. It also had purples, pinks and reds on the cover. So far the fact that the girl fell in love with the boy when she was 12 and he was 23 is a bit odd and creepy, but I’m giving it a chance.

I believe it should take about 4 hours total to read. Without pictures. In two or three weeks, we will reconvene and discuss how the book changed our lives.

2 responses to “March’s Book of Trash

  1. Did you see the reviews for this book (all 37 of them) on Amazon? hilarious.

  2. Ok I will get the book ASAP. I can’t wait.

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