Active Moms

People have asked me why I don’t update about my family. I’m not really one to do that. I often don’t feel as though there is much to update. Right now I am sitting on my bed staring at the laundry. All the laundry. I guess I could update you when it is actually folded and again when it is put away…

I started Seth in a music class today where the mom’s do everything and the kids yell “no” until they realize this is happening every Tuesday. The moms go to the bouncy castle in town afterwards so their kids can get ready for naps. I have joined a class with active mom’s. I used to be an active mom. I used to belong to the Family First toddler group and make crafts every Tuesday morning with James and Katherine. I had James in music with Katherine so that their brains could develop faster and they would be ready for piano at ages 5 or 6. I played Gymboree music all the time and sang folk songs and had play dates with other kids and made cookies and organized an easter egg hunt. Then Katherine started to walk and even later I had Seth.

Now I am an innactive mom. James and Katherine started to hate music and now I play Aerosmith to help me get through my day. I don’t allow glitter in my house anymore and Kevin wants me to ban all writing instruments because Seth writes all over the walls with them. Kevin and I are starting to try to become healthy so he gets ticked off when we make cookies and I get tired of the “she got more cookie dough on her spoon” fights. I may organize an easter egg hunt but that is a month away and we have to wait to see if snow melts. I will just buy already made eggs, though and I doubt we will do crafts.

I remember the old days where I always spoke to my children in a sing song voice and I met people at play land and my children and I ran through fields of daisies. Now I’m using a stern voice and threatening to take away Leapster’s if we can’t share. I looked at the mom’s in the class who mostly had the one child and s/he had matching socks that matched their shirts and cute little shoes and matching coat and thought: “you need to read more trashy novels because you have way too much time on your hands.”

One response to “Active Moms

  1. I love this post. I have those same kinds of kids in my daughter’s classes. I love that the cure for the perfectly dressed kid (let’s not forget that this kid has perfectly braided hair- or at least that is the case when I see this kid) is for her mother to read more trashy novels!!!! You’re killing me with the honesty!

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