Review of Secrets

This will be a short review. I didn’t mind reading this book. Parts were actually enjoyable. It took me a minute to realize the lust of her desire was a spy and that was enjoyable. At the same time, there was one kiss in the whole book and it was in the last twenty pages or so. I was disappointed because I was hoping the novel would be a bit more trashy. I mean, the author’s last name is Deveraux and there are pastels on the cover. What other signs are there?

It was a quick read and the plot was easy to follow. It deserves 4 out of 5 Diet Pepsies for that.
For romance, however, it only gets 1 out of 5 chocolate bars.

She lusted after this guy for her whole life and she just sits by while nothing happens? In college I lusted after a guy for a whole week at the most before I did something about it or moved on.

So that is my short review. Hopefully I will have tons to write next month

One response to “Review of Secrets

  1. Marianne- I liked the book, but felt the same way. I wanted another chapter or two to finish the story- and get at least a bit more kissing in! Jeez, he already said he was taking cold showers yet he kisses her ONCE! AND it’s totally a PG rated kiss! I liked Althea and her wealth of worldly knowledge. I love the rating system!

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