I have decided I should write about my evening with Barry. Barry Manilow, that is. Kevin’s office convinced him that the greatest Christmas gift for me would not be scuba lessons which he wanted, but a trip to Vegas to see Barry in concert. This was my Christmas gift for 2007. It was the greatest gift I have ever received.
I went to Vegas alone. The Barry ticket was EXPENSIVE and I wasn’t going to waste that kind of money on a non-Barry fan like Kevin. (He had gone with me to see Barry when in Iowa and it had not changed his life.) Plus, when on “vacation” Kevin likes to GO. I wanted a vacation.
I flew in on a Friday and slept until 2pm. It was a wonderful thing. Then I went walking and got a make-over at Sephora. I then realized I was walking the strip looking like a hooker, so I headed back to the hotel to get ready for Barry.
I wore my usual concert garb. I had on an old concert t-shirt, jeans, and birks. Ok, that is my usual garb, concert or not… I arrived in the lobby and realized that this was not the usual Barry conert garb. I, unlike the rest of the women surrounding me, did not have one rhinestone on me. Most of the women sparkled in an unnatural way or were wearing cocktail dresses. There were a couple of men in suits with frozen smiles on their faces, but I was the only one in a Barry shirt. So I quickly bought a pink boa they were selling for Copacabana and entered.
Kevin got me EXCELLENT seats. I was three rows back and I was feeling THE MUSIC AND THE PASSION.
During the copacabana finale, Barry walked up a clear staircase that went over the audience so the balcony could see him. When I looked up, it was all butt. It was a strangely spiritual experience.

So that was me and Barry. I wouldn’t mind that Christmas present again. Especially before Barry’s face gets pulled so tight it inverts.

3 responses to “Barry

  1. I need to introduce you to my 4th grade friend whom I have reconnected with via facebook of course. She has always been a Barry Fanilow. I never understood, not then and not now, sorry. I will vaycay with you. How about NYC this summer?

  2. I think this is so great! I would love a solo vacation. Me and a pile of books and no alarm clocks (especially the toddler variety) and the food I want to eat and…. Better stop. I’m making the family reunion this summer sound less and less fun…

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