I was so upset yesterday. I put fake nails on my toes and within 20 minutes, two were broken. They were so long, that my middle toe on the left foot snapped in half when I snagged my toenail on a chair. I rammed my big toe into the refrigerator and that nail split. I was really upset. Then I realized I bought these nails for $3.50 at Sally’s. Real fake nails at a salon cost around $40 or $50. I’m not sure why I was expecting $3.50 nails would be better. Especially when I did them myself. I think I thought because Sally’s says they also sell to professionals, that everything in there would be of professional quality. Of course, then I wouldn’t be able to do it myself. And I guess the nails had protected my toes from being slammed into the fridge.

I clipped all of the toenails down so none would snag anymore. I superglued them onto my feet, so I couldn’t really take them off. The funny thing is that they actually look pretty good now. If I paint them, I could pass them off as being real. I’m not sure when I will have 30 minutes alone, though to do that.

Katherine’s preschool ended last week and it has made it harder to find time to get things done. I thought having more kids was supposed to give them people to play with so I wouldn’t have to. I mean, what other reason could there be? It’s not working out, that way, though. Katherine wants Dora stuff and James and Seth want guns so they can kill Dora. James and Seth will play until James feels like controlling Seth and Seth says no way and bites James and then they are both crying.

So they often don’t play well and it has been FREEZING here. It was 50 yesterday and today it should be 65. I refuse to give money to any group supporting the Greenhouse effect theory. I’m going back to using Aquanet to see if I can get a hole in the Ozone directly over my house. I could really go for weather in the 70’s. It is JUNE.

I think I will paint my toenails blue again, but this time it won’t be for craziness. It is to enhance the color they are right now anyhow.

4 responses to “Aquanet

  1. Come visit. It is in the low 3 digits…our low is higher than your high. We can hang out in the pool, I’ll teach your kids to swim and no one will be able to see our toes because they will be at the bottom of the pool. I have an umbrella for shade too.

  2. Yes come visit. I do not personally have a pool but I am sure that Ingrid won't mind a bit! Yes it is way way over seventy here. How about a trade? My toenails are currently "Oh Cabana Boy" pink.

  3. I love glitter toes. They last for 6-8 weeks. Totally worth the $$$.

  4. Off topic, but I saw your Ensign article today! Fantastic! I loved the "speak slowly not loudly." We had a Japanese exchange student when I was in high school and I remember my dad talking slowly and loudly and all of us being quite perplexed. That and him filling tiny Dixie cups with samples of every beverage in the house so he could taste them all. Must have seemed like a mighty strange welcome ritual.

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