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School is over. We are staying on a lake and the kids have a great time. I had a great time last year. This year I have a two year old. Seth can sometimes open the screen door. When he does, he takes off running after birds, screaming. We have a fence around the common area and beach, but you can go around it and keep walking. This is done often in search of birds. I have offered otter pops, cupcakes, dinosaur chicken, a car…

He is now walking into the water as he watches me. He is fully dressed. He even has a sweatshirt on. He has really cute leather sandals that I found on massive clearance and they are cute and European. they are now ruined. He is knee high in the water and I ask, why put a bathing suit on now?

We have debated shock collars. Maybe a dog collar so as he wanders after birds, people will know where he goes back to. Or a cowbell. I am hiring a girl to babysit while I do indoor things like laundry.

I know… life is hard; I’m spending my summer on a lake. It may be nice; but so is liposuction. It doesn’t mean it isn’t painful.

One response to “Liposuction

  1. My SIL swears by the "monkey leash". Of course, that was when she went to Disneyland.

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