I don’t believe myself to be philosophical in nature. I more take things as they are, although my English background allows me to create a metaphor out of anything.

But after cleaning the house yesterday, I waxed thoughtful.
How, pray tell, after 5 days, do I wash 5 pairs of my underwear, 3 pairs of Kevin’s, 9 pairs of Katherine’s and 20 pairs of James?
How come children learn how to take their diapers off before learning how to put them on? And why must they do this at 3am and then pee in bed and then scream until I get him out of bed and then when I place him in our bed, Kevin says, “I would have left him in the pee.”
How do I gather a bag of garbage every day?
How can all the dishes be clean and the sink filled within an hour? and my kids are complaining of hunger.
Why does my house look as though I did nothing all day yesteday by 10 am today?

3 responses to “philosophy

  1. Blame it on fuzzy math…the politicians did. That and space aliens.

  2. Two words….Global Warming.

  3. Amen, sistah! I'm trying to figure out if it would be better to just burn down our house than to keep it staged when we put it on the market. That or pray for a random hurricane….

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