Here’s for hopin’

OK, so I just had one of the more embarrassing moments of my life. The place we live on the lake is a semi-circle of small homes and we share a common area. Our places are pretty close together and I just lost it loud enough for EVERYONE to hear it. Let us explain:

This morning, Seth got the lotion and put a nice thick layer of it in his hair. I ran water into the bath tub and he and Katherine got cheetos all over the living room. The boys got in the bath while I got in the shower. When I got out, there were three sopping wet towels. The water had gotten cold and instead of getting out of the water, they wrapped up in towels and got back in. I tried to hang up a towel and the towel bar fell off the wall.

I drove into town to drop my kids off and Seth fell asleep. He had awoken at 4:30 am this morning. I got to the Wilkersons and Seth decided to start to scream. I got him quiet and then I got my hair cut. Side note: It is really cute and I am closer to having a modern hair style.

Kevin forgot something so I had to go back to the condo and get it and then drive to the house. James cried the whole way because our house is boring. He would like to burn it down. Then my babysitter showed up so I could run a couple of errands and I guess Kevin arrived at the house with the kids screaming and the babysitter checking email.

I worked out and then headed back out to the lake. I tried to make some taco meat for taco salad when Seth ran out the door. I asked James to go outside to let me know if he escaped, which he did. I ran after him, but he got into the next yard where a mean old man yelled at me to get him out of there. I wasn’t even on his property; just next to it.

Oh, and we got a letter from the condo board – which is one family- which are just obnoxious reminders to watch our kids or to fix our decks – ours is the only one older than 3 years- and it just gets tiring.

So after being yelled at and having the towel bar fall and a stupid letter, I lost it. I walked to the parking lot, saw Kevin talking to a neighbor and started to cry. Then yell. Then Kevin started walking towards the condo to make sure things were ok and I yelled, “Why are you walking away from me?” Then I yelled, “I hate it here” and preceded to let everyone know why.

I was fine 1/2 hour later but then my neighbor says all happy: How are ya, Kevin? Then to me, she says in a quiet and soft voice: You ok Marianne?

I believe I am now the raving lunatic of the neighborhood. And what do I want to do now besides eat the bag of chocolate purchased at Costco? I want to make cookies and send them to the mean old man with a note that says:
“Dear mean old man,
I hear stories all the time about doing something nice for someone really mean and angry and it changes their life and they are nice from then on. Here’s for hopin’.”

5 responses to “Here’s for hopin’

  1. What a day! Those days are tough! Thanks for sharing though – I feel so normal now. Yesterday a lady followed Braden home because he threw a stick and it hit her truck. No scratches, she just had to tell me how rotten my son was and how bad my parenting is. I like your cookie idea….I just felt like giving her the bird!

  2. I hope that Friday is better!

  3. ThatISa VERYBADDay!good thing you have a wonderful vacation with your girlfriends to look forward to…right?

  4. Grab the chocolate and a book, lock the door and don't come out for a week. You have earned some peace and quiet. I am sorry and can totally relate. Like when I got a call from a member of the primary presidency asking me not to bring my 15 month old son to nursery since he is not old enough…even though I stayed with him….yeah people need more chocolate and trashy romance novels. Bring it on.

  5. Amber Colby

    I have been reading old posts. This is the best one ever!!! You were hilarious then and you still are now!

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