So the previous blank entry was me trying to get a picture of Katherine as a mouse on this site and I couldn’t do it, so I read the instructions. I think I could be a stage mom. I loved taking Katherine to the ten hours of rehearsals so that she could be on stage for her performance for one minute. I think it is one minute exactly. I loved putting her in a head lock to do her makeup and buying new tights and shoes that she couldn’t wear until dress rehearsal for fear of ripping, dirtying, or losing them. She ate it up. She played with other girls during the ballet and had snacks and watched a movie. When she came on stage, she smiled the whole time. She didn’t remember most of the moves, but she smiled at the audience the WHOLE time. Including during the bows and when the mice brought flowers out to their teacher’s helper who is graduating. Her teacher gave her a rose before the performance and Kath felt so great!

Then on Father’s Day, she got up on the podium to sing the Primary song and just stood there smiling at EVERYONE. She waved at mom and dad but then slowly turned her head so that the whole congregation could see her and smile back at her. She didn’t sing much, but she has the parade slow turn and smile down pat.

I have her and James in theature camp in a week. James doesn’t care at all about the stage unless it is blowing up, but I figure it will be easier to get Kath there if James is in it as well. And he does like attention as well, but more for his actions or making people laugh rather than just the presence of his being making people happy – which I believe is what Kath believes.

Kath’s birthday party is this Thursday. We are having a Littlest Pet Shop theme. I actually ordered everything I need from Party in a Box online, forgot and went to the local party store and bought it all over again. Imagine my surprise when the box arrived. I do try to save money by buying half themed paper products and half in a matching color scheme for a buck a package. So now I will use only theme products for this party and save the purple and pink paper products for a tea party.

I am excited and regretting this party already. She has been discussing her birthday for 11 months and I know she will love the attention and be really ticked once it is over. I am going to have to sit down with her and talk to her about the schedule so that she feels as though she is choosing how the party is organized. Last year I told her what was happening and she screamed at me that it was not the order she wanted… This year, we will right it all down before hand and have her sign it.

I may get it notarized. With Ballina as the witness.

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