deja vu

So I was organizing my kitchen today and throwing away everything and donating a couple things when I realized I had just recently done all of this. I remember writing about organizing my house so that the closets looked amazing but the floors were out of control. Why am I organizing again when I already did? Why am I not still organized?

This time I am doing more. I bought bins for my laundry room so that my sheets are in bins instead of trying to stack them better. I threw away the nasty towels we got as wedding gifts that I never threw out because our names are on them. I filled our garbage bin full of crap. I bought drawer organizers so now I know what is in my “kitchen” drawer. I threw spices away that I couldn’t think of a recipe for off the top of my head. I put all my medicine I use in a tiny bin that fits in the cupboard and I threw out the baggy that was full of white pills. I think they were tylenol and I might find out next time Kevin takes the kids to his parents and I am not responsible for 3 other lives or required to pick someone up from school. Wanna come?

I have decided that less is more and instead of just putting stuff away, I am getting rid of stuff. Whenever I say to myself, “but I might need them if it rains on the second Tuesday of the fourth month of the year of the rooster,” I donate it. I have decided to give away every wedding gift I have that I have not yet used.

Then I am remodeling. I believe construction will begin next spring. I think it will take me that long to figure out how to remodel. Do I need an architect? Do I just hire a builder? Then what? What color walls do I want? What floors? Can I make my laundry room bigger? Can I put a bed in there for my house elf whose job it is to do laundry all day and put it away? How big must a house elf bed be? Can’t he just use a cupboard?

And then I will put everything back into my kitchen that I have just organized and organize it again.

But after I do this organizing, I will not organize again. I refuse. That is why I have contacted a professional organizer so that someone else can do it for me.

2 responses to “deja vu

  1. Wanna come help me purge??? I need it too. You are a star for doing this AGAIN.

  2. It is my understanding that a house elf doesn't get any property or clothing, so don't plan on a bed- just a spot near the hearth.

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