Professional Organizer

If you want to feel like a complete idiot, hire a professional organizer.
You will say, “Nobody puts anything back.”
She will say, “Why not label where it goes?”
You will say, “It is hard to find my clothes with Kevin’s.”
She will say,”Why not segregate the closet so you never mix again?”
You will say, “I don’t have enough room for my kid’s clothes.”
She will say, “Then your kids have too much clothing.”
You will say, “My laundry is never done.”
She will say, “Then your kids have too much clothing.”
You will say, “My kids don’t put their clothes away.”
She will say, “Then put them out in ways they can see where they go. Lower shelves or rods so they can reach them.”
(You thought it was going to be about having too much clothing, didn’t you?)
You will say, “My husband has no idea where the clothes hamper is.”
She will say, “Watch where your husband throws his clothes. Put a hamper there. Move it a foot a week until it is where you want him to throw his clothes. They usually don’t realize it is happening.”

Most of the things she has told me are obvious. “If there are 10 throw blankets out, there will be 10 throw blankets out. If there are 4 out, you will only be folding 4.” “If you own less, you put less away.” “If you know where your finances are, you will never be audited.”
Ok, the last one was mine. The hardest part is upkeep and staying ahead of it all. I am also minimizing meals.
I have chosen 28 meals and I am sticking to 28 meals. I buy the food for those meals and nothing else. That way I can rotate food storage and never have to think about what I am cooking again. This idea came from Marie Ricks and House of Order. She has a good website…
Now please excuse me. I have to go grocery shopping and buy only what I plan on eating. Novel, novel idea.

3 responses to “Professional Organizer

  1. that organizer makes it all sound so easy. Let me know how it goes. btw-are you back at your house?

  2. I believe! I believe! So why is my house still a mess?

  3. Oh, Marianne. This is too funny. I must confess we have eaten cans from our food storage past their expiration date. Your 2 year old may develop a tick, other than that he should be find.

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