On Wednesday, Kevin said, “Let’s go to Disneyland because hunting is cancelled.” I made the plans. On Wednesday afternoon, hunting was back on and I was going to Disneyland with the kids still. My friend Annie came with us and Seth had one on one with Grandma Rencher and here we are. We drove to Billings Thursday and came back on Tuesday. Katherine met Snow White and was so much better behaved after. James fought Darth Vadar and is now a Jedi. We went on a treasure hunt and met Mickey Mouse. We spent three days with Mickey and by the end the kids were exhausted and so was I. Instead of spending Tuesday night in Billings, we drove the whole way home and the kids were at school on Wednesday. I really get tired of being patient and helping children be patient. I think I am now coming down with the swine flu. I think the new tag line should be: Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth (once the kids are asleep)

One response to “Disneyland

  1. you guys are the most spontaneous people I know.

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