I quit

Let’s face it: I am not cut out to be a mom. My son’s lizard just died – 2nd one in 2 weeks – and I freaked out. He was blaming his little brother, when his little brother couldn’t get in the cage and then I found out that he had left the lid off and so I told him to not blame his brother for something that was his fault. To make matters worse, I went even more ballistic when I realized there were live crickets in the cage that hadn’t had a lid on for an hour. I then told my heart broken son to go get the vacuum and clean up the broken crackers on the floor that the crickets could be attracted to and then I took the cricket cage and threw it outside. I then made everyone wash their hands and I vacuumed the floor and the upstairs because it had egg shells all over it. Then I gave my son a cookie and told him I was sorry that his lizard died as he cried that he would never be a good animal protector – his dream in life. Never mind that he hates going to the science class on animals he is in… I wasn’t really sorry, though. I was glad that stupid disgusting thing is dead. I don’t want a lizard in my house with the required crickets. And my two year old was crying the whole time because he couldn’t hold the lizard and I just didn’t care he was crying because the thing was dead and disgusting… Instead of comforting anyone in their time of need, I freaked out due to dead lizards and live crickets. My kids deserve an understanding and loving mom who doesn’t care about dead lizards and live crickets, but whose only concern is the feelings of her children.
Then I sit on my bed and I moved a pillow and found…

an egg.

I quit.

3 responses to “I quit

  1. Maybe you need a new pet???? How bout—an ant farm? no, too tempting to seth. An armadillo? could be a ball and a pet. A James, Kath, Seth—oh, you already have them. I'm out of ideas. You aren't a bad mom–just lizard inept.

  2. I have a NO PET rule for that very reason. Although we did keep a few goldfish alive while we live in Boise but that probably doesn't compare to Kevin's tank. Sorry, I have no good ideas. Except… maybe you need a day at the spa in Kauai to reenergize.

  3. Hi, Marianne! I found your blog through Laura's, and am sure glad I did. I love your posts! We don't have pets here, but I can sure relate to the feeling of "I give up" when I'm supposed to be understanding and kind!

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