Stupid Toy

Here is a warning for those of you who are thinking about getting let’s go Thomas! for your kids: The sound sensor does not turn off. I thought it was a really cool toy. It looks like Thomas is talking and it will follow you around. When you see it in the store, it will talk to you and the lips move and the cheeks light up. It occupied Seth around the store and I thought it would be a great Christmas present. I stuck it into the back of the van in a bag, under some stuff so Katherine wouldn’t see and then headed to Home Depot. When we opened the door, I heard, “Let’s go Thomas.” When we shut the door, I heard, “Let’s go Thomas.” When we picked up katherine and she entered the car, I heard, “Let’s go to Sodor.” Whenever we went over a bump, we were either “going” with Thomas to Sodor or he was saying hello. No way to surprise anyone and katherine started to ask to play with Thomas although she couldn’t see him. Then when we got home, she found him. I figured if I tried to hide him, every time we opened the closet, we would be invited to Sodor.
So we now have a Thomas toy 4 weeks before christmas. I found the off switch, by the way. You need to unscrew the train from the box first and then it is right there, next to the Try Me option. Sodor owes me $40.

BEST PURCHASE: wooden eggs. Seth is having a blast and we can actually eat eggs for breakfast now without tears.

One response to “Stupid Toy

  1. Just wanted you to know that when I am having a bad day, I read your blog. It makes me laugh out loud and before I know it my grey skies turn blue and my massive to do list seems doable. Thank you! I am so lucky to have you as a sister-in-law. I can lay claim to that wit of yours, as in –"I know her! She had the keen sense to marry into my crazy family!!"Love you!

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