Bad Idea

I may have done something stupid. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? A Kirby vacuum person called and said I could get a “free room shampooed” if I listened to how great a Kirby is. I own a Kirby. The vacuum repair place here sells them, but he takes old parts and builds new ones so instead of costing $2000, they cost $200. That 0 changes things.

So the representative called and I paused. I had to think things through. I had to weigh getting my carpet cleaned to listening to the spiel. Last time a Kirby person came by, she had a sweatshirt on and torn jeans and dirty nails and there was no way I was buying a cleaning product from her. What can I say? I’m a judgmental person who believes if you are selling a cleaning product, your person should be clean. We will see what happens and if they really shampoo it, or just vacuum it. I think the Kirby now has a shampoo attachment which would be nice but I’m planning on getting hardwood floors. I am entered into a drawing to win $1000 off a Kirby, but I think I will be telling them that until I get new floors, I see no reason to buy a new vacuum.

I think this may be a bad idea. If I have to figure out how to get the guy out of my house two days before he actually shows up, it may be worth paying for it next time. Maybe I can fake labor.

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