Doctor, doctor give me the news…

Ok. Summary. Drove to Missoula to see endocronologist. She took my blood to see if my prolactin level is getting higher, because the last time I took my meds was Thanksgiving. I guess the meds have a short shelf life so my itty bitty growth on my pituitary gland may have started growing back since Thanksgiving. If it has, there will be a high level of prolactin in my blood. If it comes back normal, I will not go back on the meds, but will “wait and see what happens” for the next three months or so. If no symptoms appear again then I just sort of hang out. She said that these tumors have been known to completely disappear or can come back after “awhile.”

So what it comes down to is that if my blood levels are normal, I won’t go back on the meds and then I will spend the rest of my life “waiting and seeing what happens.” It may never grow back or it might grow back. There are no tests or MRI’s to take unless I start to spontaneously lactate. That is the major symptom, people. I know, too much information. Just imagine how I feel. So if any of you reading this have not had any kids or it has been years since having kids and you just start lactating while, say, watching New Moon, you should go see your doctor. It isn’t normal

4 responses to “Doctor, doctor give me the news…

  1. Just thinking about lactating again…. I don't want to.

  2. You probably have already done this… but have you looked into joining a support group or finding others in your same situation?? It might help to talk to them and see how they "cope". Good Luck.

  3. I love you Marianne!

  4. Yeah! Mine disappeared after Ethan and hasn't come back. So it *definitely* happens!

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