My weekend

1. Katherine tells me that I am beautiful and really skinny. I tell her that she is my favorite. James says, “But fat people are really cool because they get so big that they start to float in the air.” Not letting him watch Harry Potter or Willy Wonka again.

2. Instead of just watching Star Wars films, Seth now runs around with a clone mask on and watches them with the mask on. I now know where he is in the film by the soundtrack.

3. We spent the weekend at Big Sky because I had continuing law classes. While driving there, listened to lawyer show. Found out he met his wife because nude photos of her ended up on the web and he represented her.

4. On the way home, Kevin wanted to see how much snow stays at the lot we are planning on buying. While there, decided we should climb a tree to see what the view would be from second story. While climbing down, Kath started to pray that I would make it down safely. I fell the last two feet. I told Kath she needs more faith. (I rotated my shoulders oddly and now I am in pain. Instead of going to the doctor with two kids, I think I will see if it goes away on it’s own with a little help from Alleve.)

5. Smelled all the clothes while unpacking to try and figure out what needed to be washed and what didn’t. Ended up throwing it all in the wash except for 5 items of clothes. Now I am waiting for the washer to finish so I can take a shower.

Overall it was a pretty normal weekend. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I would like to know how the kids bathroom could smell like urine already when I cleaned it the day we left and we have been home 12 hours. So, yeah, a normal day for me.

3 responses to “My weekend

  1. I love that "fat people are cool."

  2. you delight me Mar…..

  3. My 5 yr old has been on a Jurassic Park binge. I yelled at him to turn off the TV for the 3rd time the other day only to be told the TV was off and he was just pretending to be a T-rex. GREAT!

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