The Bathroom

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I never thought that my favorite room would be my bathroom.  I feel as though I have a special bond with it.  I can lock myself in there and I can have at least 2.5 minutes before someone pounds on the door.  If I am really lucky, the kids won’t realize where I have gone at all.

My kids are old enough for me to lock the door without them accidently killing each other.  (They would be doing it on purpose now.)  I can shower and have some privacy, as long as I am fast.  I do get things shoved under the door and a mine field outside the door, but I can have ten minutes of privacey once a day.

I try for ten minutes after 3pm when they are all home, but generally they start pounding after 5 minutes.  I guess they have decided people only need the bathroom in five minute increments.  Or they have seen me enter the room with a pillow and blanket.

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