I Heart Truckers.

This will be short but sweet.  I learned at the social networking class that I should blog more than I do.  Of course none of the people who told me this actually do blog very much.  I believe they mostly tweet.  Or twit.  or twat.  I am working on that.  The more I learn about the web the more overwhelmed I become.  I can attach my facebook page to my blog page to my twitter account and back again.   There is Digg and Stumbleupon and tumblr and I am sure that someone is creating another one right now.  I can also be Linkedin which I am but I am unsure what it means or how it works.

I remember when I had to be home to answer the phone.  I am THAT old.

So now instead of blogging about raising a family or about my life, I am no longer raising a family or having a life because I am spending my time trying to figure out what I am supposed to belong to, what my privacy settings are and how this will all help me to become a famous columnist and help me lose weight.  I am getting there, though.  I think I have figured out my URL, even though I don’t know what URL stands for, and I have figured out what my twitter name will be.  I also believe I will get a CB radio and have a call sign and talk to people driving through late at night when I can’t sleep.  I’ll give my children call signs as well.  That way, when they want cell phones or they want to use chat rooms that can be places where they can meet creepy people, they can talk to nice safe truckers.

I have to go pick up my children from school.  Don’t worry, though.  I don’t have to stop figuring out the internet in order to pay attention to them; I bought the new Toy Story movie I can sit them down in front of with some vitamin enriched popcorn and call it dinner.  Before the end of the night, truckers everywhere will be introduced to “Red Hot Momma.”

3 responses to “I Heart Truckers.

  1. I love you. Love you. I still think your novel needs to be this. I love it.

  2. Thank you. I appreciate your gift of intelligence.

  3. You are so not a loser. Tell that evil voice in your head to be quiet or the voice in my head will beat it up. Good luck with the weight loss. I too have my own battle (clothes are tighter than I like, meaning I can't wear half my closet). I exercised once this past week, which ties my record of the past six months. Baby steps.Leanne

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