Naked Confidence


When is nudity no longer appropriate?  There is a certain age where your parents start to tell you that you are no longer allowed to answer the front door nude.  I don’t remember when this occurred for me.  I do remember that I started telling Katherine to cover-up between her 4th and 5th birthdays.
I started thinking about this today when Seth’s friend Lily came over.  I answered the door with Seth, completely naked, standing behind me.
“Hey, Lily,” Seth said.
Lily nonchalantly walked by as she waived to Seth.
Seth followed her to the couch, leaned against it, crossing his legs.  It was a very studly pose even for a naked three year old.
“So how is your cat?” Seth asked.
“She’s good,” Lily said.
“What is her name?” Seth asked.
“Jasmine,” Lily said.
The conversation went on for a bit longer until I decided to get Seth dressed.  I decided that his naked confidence shouldn’t be hindered.  It takes a real man, or a real three year old to be so nonchalant about nudity.  Of course it helped that Lily was just as nonchalant.  Makes me wonder what goes on in their house.

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