Knights and Chilvary

I have a confession.  I really like the movie Knight and Day.  You may think this isn’t a big deal, but I usually don’t admit to liking movies that get anything less than a B from Entertainment Weekly.  I feel as though they are the gold standard right now, behind Siskel and Ebert.  I guess it is just Ebert now, but I usually agree with all of them.  If I read their reviews before seeing a movie, then it usually affects my viewing.  That is just how it is.  I did enjoy Unstoppable, even though it didn’t get rave reviews, but I don’t really talk about it.  I am feeling very gutsy standing up for my views on Knight.

I really like the Tom Cruise character, Roy.  I would like to be friends with him.  He just seems so positive.  I bet he wouldn’t get angry every night when he puts his kids to bed or when his children are sarcastic at the worst possible times ever.  When things are blowing up, so am I.  Roy doesn’t even blink, but encourages the people around him to do the right thing.  Of course the person around him happened to be a decent looking blonde, but we are going to pretend that he is that way even if he doesn’t think you are hot.

It was a fun film where I forgot it was Tom Cruise.  I liked forgetting it was Tom Cruise.  I think his name becomes bigger than he is at times.  It’s like the movie Top Gun.  When it came out, I never heard the plot or whether or not it was a good movie.  I heard about the men in it.  I didn’t watch it, on merit, until it was on cable.  Then I watched it 27 times.  Even I enjoy a good game of volleyball.

I am admitting that I like bad movies sometimes.  This is a huge step for me.  I normally pretend I am an all-knowing film guru who only enjoys really good films.  Now I am an all-knowing film guru but I enjoy bad films as well.  Which probably makes me more evolved than someone who can’t find the enjoyment of total crap. Wow.  I am incredibly evolved.  Please excuse me while I meditate.

I am back.  To save my reputation, however, I feel as though I should let you know that I did think Killers lived up to its reviews and I fast-forwarded most of it.  So I am an evolved person with taste.  I really feel better after discussing this with you.  Thank you.

Anyone out there want to feel better with a confession?  I promise not to tell anyone.

2 responses to “Knights and Chilvary

  1. Kelli Butenko

    My confession is that I love your humor, almost as much as the looks you receive from people who just don’t “get” you.

  2. I prefer to think those people just didn’t hear me. But if they did hear me, they would love me.

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