Ich bin eccentric.

I have tried very hard to become eccentric.  It can be very difficult when you are married to a dentist, live in the suburbs, drive a, oh the horror, minivan, and have three young children.  My children think I am exotic if I get a salad at McDonald’s but I would like to be a bit more unique.

So I was feeling so eccentric on Tuesday when I drove to Ennis for a skein of yarn.  Ennis is an hour and a half from my house.  I got up and went.  It was very exciting.  Until I talked to a couple friends and realized that because we live in Montana, this isn’t very eccentric.  We don’t have many stores in Helena so a lot of people go to Missoula to shop.  People know what street a store is on.  They know what is around this store.  It is amazing.  I barely know where Target is and I live two blocks from it.

To top it all off, I was driving all this way for YARN.  How domestic and boring is that?  I can’t even come up with something eccentric to buy.  We tried to go to a butcher while there and that could have been a little eccentric.  If we bought a lot of jerky.  But they were closed for a wedding.  Stupid domestic bliss.

But then I thought of the conversation I had with the proprietor of the yarn shop.  She was from Germany, had moved to LA and become a screenplay editor, had a falling out with a screenplay writer, followed The Horse Whisperer to Montana, and fell in love.  I spoke to her about writing and then I spoke a little German with her.  She told me I could call her and talk with her in German occasionally to get my language back.  I need to speak more German to strangers.  Especially the ones who actually speak German.

I decided that the conversation in the yarn shop was on the side of eccentric.  I am going to keep trying, though.  I will find ways to be eccentric.  Without using a lot of cats.

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