It is up to you, Frodo

On Christmas Day, I drove my husband and oldest son to the airport and I went home with Kath and Seth.  We played and ate canned soup and put all the toys together.  Then I turned on A Christmas Story and developed a craving for Chinese food.  I found out that there are no Chinese restaurants open on Christmas in Helena and I made the commitment to buy three days worth of Chinese food on December 24, 2011.  (Another attainable resolution.  I am getting good at these.)

After A Christmas Story, I turned the channel to The Twin Towers. I started watching it until I realized I had it on DVD and there was no reason for me to be watching commercials.  I couldn’t find that DVD, though, and put in The Return of the King.  It had been about five years since I had watched it.  It was really scary; and not just to my three year old.

At the same time, I found a deep and philosophical meaning of life while watching it.  (I often find my deepest thoughts while watching science fiction, mega-movies.  –Did not get anything from Avatar, however.)  Frodo wanted to give up and almost did when the Elf queen appeared to him and told him that this was his road to walk.  He had this journey and he alone could accomplish it.  I have often questioned this because Sam took the ring for a little while and it didn’t seem to affect him hardly at all, but he did only have it for approximately ten minutes of the movie.  So I decided that no matter the drudge and the despair brought on from complete and utter failure in the potty training department, it is my road to bear and only I can do it.  I am the only one who can pick Seth’s poop off the floor and carry on.  (I believe I may copyright this metaphor.)

To commemorate this brilliant realization, I have decided to buy an incredibly large and expensive gold ring – so large that it is difficult to actually move my hand.  That way I will constantly be reminded of the great and marvelous lesson I have learned.

I just wish the White Wizard would come clean my bathroom.

One response to “It is up to you, Frodo

  1. Just wait till Seth it 21 and back from his mission and dating…then bust this one out…it will really help weed out the one’s that aren’t that serious.

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