It is New Year’s Eve and we are in a hotel because it has a pool and it is -4.  I will be celebrating the New Year in a hotel half a mile from my house because of a pool.  I live the high life.

The problem with this plan is that I just drove back from Utah listening to Life by Keith Richards, read by Johnny Depp and Keith Richards.  He has lived quite the life but he takes it all in stride.  He even laughs at some of it.  It is one of the most amazing reads/listens of all time, but it has made me realize I have really accomplished very little in my life.  I have not stayed awake for days on end writing music (or in my case writing interesting gibberish) and the only flashbacks I have are from embarrassing things I have said or done and not due to acid.  I have spent my life avoiding acid; but the only acid I have had contact with in my life is the kind that eats through things.  Unless you count Folic acid.  I have some experience with that.  Almost OD’ed once.  Not the same.

I have never driven a Bentley to Monaco.  It is especially depressing to be listening to this while driving a minivan with over 100,000 miles across two states with children complaining about how long it is to get from Grandma’s house to a hotel with a pool.  I am not sure what I will do when they realize we passed 67 hotels with pools on the way.

On the up side, I have never been arrested nor do I need to travel with an attorney in case I am arrested which was the case for the Stones in the 60’s/70’s.  I guess I travel with an attorney wherever I go, but at the same time not an attorney I would trust to bail anyone out of jail.  I am more the type of attorney who just signs letters of complaint with Marianne Hansen Rencher, attorney at law.  That is really the only time I am an attorney.  I think I actually scared someone once.  It was very thrilling.

I would like to be friends with Keith.  So much has happened to him and he just takes it all in stride.  I need to learn how to do that more.  I need to take things in stride.   I am 2/3 through the book.  Keep your fingers crossed it ends with an invitation to dinner at his house.  With brownies.

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