I am a Twit

I have a twitter account.  I am told it helps with publicity.  I don’t know much about twitter, but I have learned a few things from Entertainment Weekly.  They often talk about the twitter accounts to follow.  I thought it would be fun to follow some famous people, but you have to be careful to follow the right person or call sign or tweet name because people say they are Marylin Monroe and then it turns out they are not.  Shocking.

Not many are very interesting, I am sorry to say.  I highly recommend Steve Martin, however.  I recommend him in general: books, movies, music, website, tweets, great kisser…

Because I follow famous people, and being who I am, I now consider myself to be friends with them because I receive personal communication from them.  Friend I can’t reply to or talk with and who ignore me, but still they are my good friends.  (huh.  I wonder if I am a little lonely.)

But I did reply to one and ever since I have been sick to my stomach.  Did he receive the reply?  Did he like it?  Did I offend him?  Why do I care?

I have offended people and not cared and I have actually known those people.  Maybe that is why I don’t care.  But I am stressed out about a stranger who may not have got my reply.  What if I meet him in May when I go to New York City?  And I tell him my name which isn’t even close to my twitter name but he is inspired and he knows who I am because of the color of my aura?

But then I should give myself the benefit of the doubt.  If my aura tells him I am the one who wrote a tweet 6 months ago, I’m sure my aura will also tell him I am a wonderful person.  Right?

So this is the general vibe of the tweet.  He made some sort of a joke and then commented that 50% of the people got it which are acceptable results.  I replied “Maybe it was the delivery.”

Do you get it?  Will he be my friend?  Do I need to get a life?  Should I have said, “Maybe it was your intonation”?  Am I the only one in cyberspace who obsesses over what a complete stranger who will never know me thinks?

Does anyone out there want to start an “obsession over nothing” support group?  (If no one says yes, it could really stress me out.)

One response to “I am a Twit

  1. I’m not going to tell you, but technically this completely applies under the hood of OCD…I’m just sayin’…There’s no shame in it…some of the most famous people in the world suffer from the same condition…and some are even gorgeous and brilliant. Take David Beckham for instance….Cameron Diaz…Howie Mandell..ok so Howie isnt gorgeous, but TOTALLY obsessed over nothing. I wonder if they would join the support group…

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