Page Ratings Don’t Allow Snappy Titles

Today I am taking you into my world of trying to get out there in the world.  I think we should all go on this journey together.   And it really doesn’t matter what you think, if we are being honest…

My blog has a google page rating of zero.  Zero.  What this means, I have only a small idea but basically I need a higher rating to get people to read me to sell my manuscript to become publish in order to rule the world.

Some people would be discouraged, but I have decided not to be.  First of all, I have been trying to get traffic to my site for one month and that really isn’t very long.  Second, I have been trying to lose weight for eight years and it’s only been since November that I have lost 20 pounds.  Eight years and two months later, I have lost 20 pounds.  So I can work on this a little longer.

Stephenie Meyer has a rating of 6.  I thought it would be higher, but they don’t update very often.  I often model my work habits after her because she is a redheaded Mormon.  That is where the comparison generally stops, though.  She would get up before her family to write and I get up two minutes after I should to get my family ready for school.  Writers may say that they don’t like her writing or wouldn’t want to write what she does, but most would trade places in a second.  Her work has been published and actually read.  Stephen King may not like her writing, but if 34.4 gazillion people were reading my work, I would be ok with that.

It reminds me of some people I would hang out with in college.  They were theater majors and I mentioned that my cousin was on a soap opera.  (She may not have been at this time but she was for about ten years.)  One student said he wouldn’t do soap operas and the other said he would.  It was a job, acting.  He could make a living acting, a rare thing, and not getting temp office work.  Now that I am the unemployed writer, I could not agree more.

So I am off to read Blogging for Dummies and see if I can get a google page rating of one.  That is all I want.  Then I will eat a Costco cake by myself.  I can lose my next twenty pounds in 2019.

6 responses to “Page Ratings Don’t Allow Snappy Titles

  1. That is really interesting… which soap opera was she in? Just kidding. I’m intrigued with this whole page rating thing. How does it help you get published? Is it part of the proof to publishers that you have a following and that people will read what you write? Just wondering. I’m writing something too, but it might be more like what SM would write. But, hey, I’m not complaining. Writing is therapeutic.

    • As the World Turns and what are you writing? Does it have a Vampire? I have no idea how page rating could help; I just read an article that said so…

  2. Whatever your Google page rating, your latest blog–like all your entries–is smart and laugh-out loud funny. Although I don’t have evidence to support my belief that good writing will eventually get noticed (and published) if you keep putting it out there, I think it is true. It must be! Right? 🙂

    I guess in some ways I’m lucky to have a weird disease that is rare enough for doctors not to know anything about so people turn to the Internet to research it and then stumble on my blog. (Poor people, thinking they’ll learn something useful about sarcoidosis, only to wind up reading about my 7-year old’s fascination with all things Star Wars.) Anyway…my long-winded point is that you don’t have a handy “peg” to drive traffic to your blog, but you will get there. Your niche is a competitive one, but you will get noticed–because you’re good at what you do and you are thinking constructively about how to get your stuff out there.

    If having to get up and write before getting the kids off to school is what it takes to succeed in this business, I might as well send in my resignation letter to the blogosphere and then the bookosphere right away. I was pretty darn impressed to learn you make it out of bed in the vicinity of getting your kids to school.

    I guess what I’m trying to say in this meandering comment is that it’s easy to compare ourselves to famous writers and pick at whatever faults we can find in our habits. Does any other profession do this? I haven’t yet heard my attorney husband criticize himself for not filing his discovery motions with the same panache as his counterpoint. You have good writing habits–you’re posting good writing regularly here, hammering out chapters (!!) of your novel, and somehow finding time to research blogging–not to mention losing weight. I find all this inspiring. Keep it up. And remember, you’re much funnier than SM.

    • Maybe only creative people compare themselves to everyone else… even people not in their field. And I’m going to keep putting it out there and seeing if it is true… Maybe I’ll start a blog about that and it will be as big as Julie/Julia… I’m not sure that a blog about a blog about a blog may not make it, though… Thanks for the kudos as well. That always helps to write just one more time…

  3. EmmaLee Pryor

    I just think you should use your Entertainment Weekly knowledge to better use by commenting on famous people. One of the things that I have been wondering about lately, as I have read the intro to some vegan cookbooks, is if vegans are also against abortion. How can they be so against a breakfast burrito that destroys the potential for a chicken when abortion destroys the potential for a human? Alicia Silverstone is VERY annoying in this regard with her kind diet book……Write more negative or positive things about famous people or their idiotic/boring movies or silly self-righteous books. That was just my small idea.

    • Thanks for your “small idea.” I’m cautious about writing about celebrities in case someone thinks I am jealous of them and what if the celebrity reads this???? My post on Keith Richards was twice as long but I shortened it in case he read it. I like to live a delusional life.

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