I Have Red Hair…

I do not get crushes on redheads.  It isn’t that I don’t find any attractive, it is the fact that whenever I am with a redhead, people ask me if I am related.  I couldn’t date someone while being asked if he was my brother.  Ick.

I went out with a redhead once and we were asked five times if we were related.  I have no idea if he wanted to kiss me good night or not because by that time in the evening, I ran away.  That is generally how I interact with my brothers – I do my best to run away from them.  They are bigger than me and we are not a kissie family.  We hug.  When we say goodbye.  Once a year.

I did have a crush on a cousin growing up, but he didn’t have red hair.  I mostly dated guys with dark hair because I felt as though I couldn’t dominate the relationship as much.  That really has nothing to do with my issue with red heads, but don’t you feel closer to me now?

Looking back, I’m not sure I have more than one friend with red hair.  I have friends who have had red hair at some point in their life, but none natural and none my tone of red.  I wonder if this is because I don’t want people to think I am related to my friends.  Maybe I have an aversion to adding people to my family.  Maybe I am discovering deep-seated issues I have about my family and therefore I do not want to add to it.  Maybe I have family problems I have never dealt with and redheaded people alert my subconscious.  Maybe I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy too late at night and then writing even later while thinking that I find Kevin McKidd really good looking when he is speaking in his native Scottish accent right before he sings while playing an acoustic guitar.  Huh.  Maybe I don’t have deep seated family issues because I can find a red head attractive – as long as these conditions are met.

4 responses to “I Have Red Hair…

  1. Did I hear you say once that your grandmother said she would have drowned her kids if they were born with red hair? Maybe that’s why.

  2. I love this. You make me laugh.

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