Learning Letters

I sat next to a friend of my daughter.  She is in kindergarten.  They just learned the letter “f.”  My daughter’s friend had filled a 3×5 card with “f”s.  He turned to me and said, “This is my report card.”

Now I could have encouraged him and told him how nice his “f’s” were and how smart he is.  The problem with this scenario is that I am not completely and entirely a kid person.  I figure being honest with this will help my children in the future.  When they go to counseling, they can start off with: “Well, Mom didn’t like children…”  Actually, I like kids and I love my kids but I have an aversion to snot.  Children contain an abundance of snot.  So much that it seems to continue to ooze out of their face.  Hence the phrase: Snot nosed kids.

Due to my unbelievably wonderful repertoire with children, I looked down at my daughter’s friend, saw his report card, heard him sniff, and replied, “Bit of an underachiever, don’t ya think?”

2 responses to “Learning Letters

  1. Too funny. This evening my 6yo daughter asked me why I didn’t teach Grade 2. I said that there would be way too many kids in one room and I couldn’t handle it. (Well, that was my answer after she didn’t understand “Because they don’t get sarcasm). So, ya, I hear you about the little kid thing.

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