Top Ten Signs You want a New Car (and would like insurance to pay for it.)

10.  You see a dead moose on the side of the road on the way back from Big Sky and think how lucky the people who hit it are to get a new car.

9.  While driving by yourself, you see a group of deer and think if they ram the back of your car, no one will be hurt and you can get a new car.

8.  Your first thought when you see a graceful antelope jump across a field is how much does it weigh and how much damage would it do to my car?

7. When your husband points out an Elk Buck and says: that’s a lot of meat, you hear: that’s a Toyota highlander.

6.  You see two big horn sheep and try to position your minivan so they will ram it instead of each other.

5.  You start researching bear attacking car statistics.

4. You drive around well known duck hunting areas hoping the gun shots will scare the ducks into your engine.

3. You spread peanut butter onto the roof of your car hoping to attract woodpeckers.

2.  You wonder if your car is alone in the forest and a tree falls, will it hit it.

1.  You start making top 10 lists on how you can destroy your car with natural forces so you can get a new one.

2 responses to “Top Ten Signs You want a New Car (and would like insurance to pay for it.)

  1. This is funny. Sounds like me over a year ago when I was trying to get rid of a Suburban. We did have a bear attack the top of our work truck one time up by Rimni. We took pictures of the tracks up to it so that the insurance people would believe us and not just think Mike drove off the road into a fence. We even documented the slobber marks. Does it rolling into the lake get good coverage.

    • It was the slobber marks that sold the insurance company you didn’t make it up, wasn’t it?

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