What Health Topic do I fit under?

The other day I was researching my site and I found a link to it from www.healthwd.info -health news from around the world.  http://www.healthwd.info/news/black-and-white-or-grey/  My rant about my Grey’s Anatomy addiction was found on a health website under the topic of addiction.  I started to wonder if I had a problem.

If my article was under the addiction topic, maybe I really am addicted to this show and I need to get into a 12-step program.  Or I need to join Grey’s Anatomy anonymous.  Except now I can’t because I just put it on the Internet and it would no longer be anonymous.  Luckily there are only so many episodes and I am not so out of control that I am watching the same one over and over.  Unless I am suffering from insomnia and I need to listen to something with a plot that will take my mind off the fact that I have bought six different sets of screws to reattach the cabinet door  and none of them have fit and I have to get that door back on before we have people over for dinner and my husband just invites people over without really telling me so I need to do that, like, YESTERDAY.  When I am thinking that, I will watch/listen with my eyes closed to an episode that I have already seen lately so I don’t have to concentrate too hard.

I wondered why this website put my article on their site.  I don’t think my issue would fit under an addiction category on a health website.  Then I reread my post.  I talk about addiction to television, Nyquil hazes, incestuous relationships and being dark and twisted.  I may be a good person to have on a medical website after all.  I don’t think I should be under addiction, though.  I should be under alerts and outbreaks.

(May not be relevant but I thought a picture of Jane’s Addiction was creative…)

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