All Kinds of Close Encounters

I am watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I sat here thinking how cool toys were in the 1970’s and how McDonald’s and Shell Gas Stations have never actual changed when I realized I have no idea what the title means.  I thought the first two encounters would be with animals and humans and the third kind would be with UFO’s.  I thought that sounded like an intelligent deduction.  Then I googled it.

There are seven kinds of encounters, all with aliens.  The movie is about the third kind.  A UFOist ( I just made that word up) named Hyneck wrote a book in 1972 called The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry. Here is a brief overview of the seven encounters.

1. you see a flying saucer or odd light

2. you see a UFO AND frightened animals, crop circles, human paralysis, interference with technology or anything else kind of freaky

3. you see “animate beings”

4. abduction

5. communication

6. UFO interaction leading to death or injury (Hyneck said this would be included in level 2)

7. mating between human and alien.

I thought this was really fascinating.  I have never had one of these encounters, but if you are listening to the radio after 11pm you can find numerous radio programs dedicated to UFO research.  When you are driving from Utah to Montana late at night, often that is all you will find on the radio.  Most of these talk shows are about the science.  I have never really heard from anyone who has had an encounter.  I have never met anyone who has had an encounter as well.  So I have decided to hang out at a local coffee shop and eaves drop until I hear a conversation from someone who has had an encounter.  I hear all kinds of conversations at coffee shops, especially when I forget my head phones.

WAIT!  I may have had a Close Encounter of a Second Kind.  I have been to a corn maze.  I wonder if that counts.  I hope you have found this experience as educational as I have and next time I am driving late at night, I will be paying a little more attention…

4 responses to “All Kinds of Close Encounters

  1. I ‘ve heard those shows about UFOs late at night while working for an agriculture research station. The one I listend to was all about crop circles as I’m driving in the pitch black out to a field in the middle of nowhere to measure carbon dioxide emissions from rangeland.
    May have had an encounter of some kind!

  2. Kelli Butenko

    I love Coast to Coast radio. I listen to it every night while falling asleep. It makes me feel so sane.

  3. And the voices are soothing that the abductions happen before you realize it…

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