My BFF: Keith Richards

A month ago, I wrote how I would like to be best friends with Keith Richards and then I found out that many people do not actually know who Mr. Richards is.  I also find that my description of why I would like to be his best friend is lacking.  Let me correct this situation.

Keith Richards is the guitarist for the Rolling Stones.  Johnny Depp based the character of Jack Sparrow on him.  Mr. Richards appears in a few of the Pirates movies as Jack Sparrow’s dad.  I believe Mr. Richards and Mr. Depp are decent friends due to this exchange.  Mr. Depp is a narrator for Mr. Richards autobiographical book titled Life. Mr. Richards is known for being high for most of the 60’s and 70’s and for having an amazing immune system.  I believe he also has all of his teeth.  I would like to be best friends with him.

Now, you may be thinking: Marianne, what in the world could you have in common with Keith Richards?  Well, besides the fact that I wish I could dress more like him but I cant’ handle wearing very many rings, I think he would be fun to knit with.

Think about it, especially those of you who know who Keith Richards is.  Can’t you see him knitting and really getting into it?  I can.  I think he would enjoy the different fibers and colors.  I think he would really enjoy the slip-stitch.  I think a great knitting circle would include Keith (because we knit together we are now on a first name basis), possibly Johnny Depp, me and my friend Gail (she would be bringing the lefse) with occasional pop-ins by Billy Joel and Billy Idol.  I think most rock and roll stars would be great knitters and we would have great nosh sessions while sipping some tea.  I think I might just knit Keith a hat and send it to him with an invitation to knitting night.  I bet he hasn’t started knitting simply because no one has invited him.  I should open up and be the first.

I will start on his hat right after I make me two more hats, three scarves, and two sweaters.  I’m sure that will be any day now.  I just need a little help in order to achieve this:

Does anyone have Keith’s address and do you know his favorite color?  (The circumference of his head might help as well.)

Photo credit: barb and dean (cc) Flickr

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