Well-rested priorities

I am turning 38 tomorrow.   I usually think of what my life is like during this time, but because I am still sick and just started the antibiotics today, I will be focusing on one aspect of my life. One aspect that has me puzzled as to my priorities.

I am going to Israel with my husband in April.  It makes me very nervous, but Kevin has wanted me to go for ten years so I said yes.  To show my husband I love him, I am going to a war torn country whose neighboring countries are having all sorts of all night, uhm, parties.  To show my husband I love him, I am also scuba certified and about once a year, I strap on about fifty pounds of equipment so that I can swim twenty feet under the water to see fish that humans are not supposed to swim with or God would have given us gills.  I guess what I am trying to say, is that I have been known to go to extremes, in my opinion, to show my husband my love.

In order to sleep on the flight to and from Israel, I have a prescription for five precious Ambien pills.  The extra three are  in case I hear an uprising occurring outside my hotel, I can sleep through it and wake up to a nice, peaceful country.  Or at least, I will be well-rested while taken hostage.

Now, I will share oxygen while underwater with my husband, but if he even comes near my RX bottle with the five magic pills, I will personally deliver him to the rebels that are waiting outside our hotel.   He can ask me for a pill.  He can beg me.  He can try to pay me.  The answer will be no.  Not even a half.  These pills are my salvation.  I think they will be the only way I will be able to sleep while there.  I mean, even unconditional love has limits, right?

I will risk my life for my husband, but not my sleep.  I guess I figure that if I die, I won’t need a good night’s rest.  The whole thing makes me wonder if my priorities may be confused.  Or if I have just realized that I can put up with almost anything, if I am well-rested.

5 responses to “Well-rested priorities

  1. You are crazy…make Kevin take some guy friend. You have kids to raise.

    • I forgot to mention that his parents, two sisters, three aunts and an uncle and aunt are going. So far we are not getting matching t-shirts.

  2. Holy cow, that’ll be a trip for the record books. Hope you’re all still speaking to each other by the end. Nothing like international travel to show off your best side. Tyler’s known since Day 1 that the rankings may change a bit, but he’s ALWAYS below sleep.

  3. I’d be more concerned with the “country” of family than the country itself! 🙂 Israel is my absolute favorite place (no, I’m not Jewish). I’ve been there a ton of times and have taken my precious bambinos. The media truly does not portray the country fairly. You will have a remarkable time, Ambien party and all!

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