My Sacrifice

Well, here is an update:  I am having a horrible time coming up with things to write about.  I was actually thinking of writing a few paragraphs about how my husband is a dentist and so when I am mad at him sometimes I don’t brush my teeth before bed (and yes, I am the more mature one in the marriage.)  I am at the bottom of the barrel.  This whole writing three times a week instead of when I feel like it has really cut down on my creativity.  Sometimes my creative juices only flow once a week for ten minutes while I am driving the car.

I figure that in order to become a world famous blogger, I need more material.  The obvious decision, then, is to take my three kids to Legoland  over spring break.  I am also taking my mother-in-law as a buffer.  Normally, when I travel with my kids, I have EVERYTHING planned.  I have the car rented, the hotels reserved, and I have a few restaurants written down.  This time, I have the flights, a car, and a hotel for the first night, but that is it.  We are going to Legoland on Tuesday and then seeing what happens.  We may end up at San Diego zoo, or we may stay in Carlsbad the whole time.  The pool at the hotel in Carlsbad is heated.  And the Star Wars Lego exhibit opens Wednesday.  My three year old has a Star Wars Lego infatuation and so it may be worth it to stay.  And there is an aquarium and water park there, but with a forecast in the 60’s, I’m not sure the water park is going to happen.

So I am going on this trip for you, dear readers, so that I will have something to write.  In fact I am going on three trips in the next twoish months to keep me going until school is out.  I sacrifice for the people.  I should run for office.

4 responses to “My Sacrifice

  1. DEFINITLY politician material.

  2. Star Wars Lego exhibit? If my oldest caught wind of that, he’d be hitch hiking to California.

    Have a great trip.

    • Yeah. It is going to be a very hard decision whether to stay or go. Lego Land really isn’t a two day thing, but I may get lazy and stay in the heated pool.

  3. LOL…Appreciate the tremendous sacrifice you are willing to make for your readers.

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