I am not a very good cyber stalker.  I get bored with people after a day or two.  Sometimes it lasts a week, but never longer.  About a month ago, I stumbled on a Twilight site, thinking it was about how to use Twitter, and got hooked.  Some people may think the utter and complete devotion to fictional characters and Robert Pattinson (or RPatz as he is known by his stalkers) is perhaps unstable or unhealthy, but I admire their stamina.  These blogs have been up for a couple of years and they still keep talking about RPatz.  That is dedication I just don’t have.

There is one site I visit occasionally because they are humorous but I can’t pass the site on because it is VERY irreverent and my parents may link to it and I will be shamed.  (You can guess from this that I do not write romance.)  But they are some very funny women who may or may not tell their husbands that they contribute to this blog.  They find EVERY picture ever taken of RPatz, post it on their blog, and then comment about how wonderful he is and what they would do if they ever found him alone in an alley.  (By the way, Robert, if you read this, DO NOT travel anywhere alone.)  They even have a big enough following that they have spies in the town he is filming in.  This is some SERIOUS dedication.

I don’t have it.  I stalked Dylan and Brandon from 90210 a couple weeks ago.  It lasted two hours.  I read Wikipedia and then watched them on Jimmy Kimmel and then went to sleep.  I woke up still wanting to watch 90210 and the new movie they made together but once I did that, I was fine.  I may still have a slight 90210 addiction, but that will end when I see all the episodes (and I fast forward all the parts with Andrea and Donna so I am not even really dedicated to that show 100%).

I had a thing for Timothy Olyphant for a day.  I found the show Justified, which I love but it has a bit of swearing (every other word) so I will not recommend it to those who don’t enjoy a nice cuss word every now and again. (But I do believe a blog entry based on it is coming.)  I googled him, found you could watch Catch and Release on You Tube in 10 minutes increments, watched a half hour, got tired of 10 minutes, thought about renting it, and then fell asleep.  (I tend to stalk right before bed.)

Even the guy I went to college with who I wrote about who is a big jerk for being successful?  I haven’t googled him since that night.

Does this mean I am not a dedicated person?  I know I have been married for ten years and I spend every day raising kids, and I have spent the last two years working on writing, and I still speak to EVERY member of my family, but if I can’t be a good stalker, in a time when stalking is so EASY, is there really any hope?  (I included the pictures to show that I can find these people, but I spent more time figuring out how to place them in the blog than I spent actually looking at the pictures and they don’t have any witty captions.  So, so sad.)

7 responses to “Stalking

  1. I think you should stalk Annie and freak her out. It won’t last long enough to leave permanent damage, but could be a fun few hours…

    • I should. She doesn’t have much of an internet presence, though. I would have to drive to Billings to do it and I am really just not dedicated enough.

  2. I’m not a good cyber stalker either and pretty much have the attention/interest span of a gnat. However, I was an excellent vouyer stalker my 8th grade year. My friend and I had a crush on the 12th grade neighbor and made that boy’s life a living nightmare. We screamed and shouted and oogled and peered through high powered hunting binoculars (these babies could detect a booger lodged in the nasal passage) at his physical mass. Thankfully for mankind we grew up and the vouyeristic stalking activity ceased.

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