New Day Needed

Today has been a fascinating day.  I learned that the house plans I have will cost twice what I will spend on a house, the driveway is steeper than I thought, and it will cost tons of money to build the house as high up the mountain as Kevin wants.  (So we will not be moving anytime soon.)  I thought I would run for school board for a whole 48 hours and then decided to support my friend, Brittany Renshaw,  who is running instead.  I even had a platform: “I am the most qualified because I have the high school years of Beverly Hills 90210 memorized.”  I was also going to take all of my pictures next to a cut out of Robert Pattinson so the kids knew I was down with them.  (Are people still down with each other or does that phrase date me?)  (I also just included RPatz because my blog numbers increased by 300 after mentioning him on Monday.  I am not sure if that is the exact reason but I thought I would use this as a test.)

I was twenty minutes to an hour late to everything that started after I picked up the kids making me feel like all I could do was apologize for the last seven hours.  And seeing as I try to go to bed by 10pm and it is 10:30pm, I am still running late.  I will not mention how my husband just told my 8 year old to come look at his lizard and I will pay for that when trying to wake him up at 7 for school.  Wait.  I think I did just mention that.

In addition, my 8 year old has decided he is curious about the world and he should ask me all of his questions.  Yes, it is great that I have such an open relationship and that my son is ok with asking me anything, but I do not have an encyclopedia of knowledge unless it deals with pop culture (I read Entertainment Weekly, not Newsweek.)  These were today’s questions:

1. What does it mean when you say the word damn but you are not talking about holding up water?

2.  Why would you say that?  (The ‘you’ here is a general you and not asking me specifically because I would never say dammit.  Never, ever, ever.)

3. Does the United States get along with Russia?

My son pondering why a Churro is called a Churro

4. Why are we in Afghanistan?

5. What does the middle finger mean?

6. Why do people murder people?

7.  Why are certain people evil?

8. Why don’t we ride the bus?

So I am having conversations about swear words, world politics, and good v. evil.  The only answer I felt I had completely down was #8.  Explaining swear words can be tricky because what they originally mean is not necessarily how we use them today.  I told him that damning something sends it to hell but he didn’t understand why people yell dammit with nothing around them.  I told him it was an existential expression and then turned the radio up.

I think it is time to go to bed and start over in the morning.  (With new floor plans, fewer activities, and a subscription to Time)

13 responses to “New Day Needed

  1. I love that you have a dream of a big house on a hill. Just do it!

    Welcome to the world of curious kids. The questions only get harder. Better subsribe to the New England Journal of Medicine, Scientific American and Smithsonian too!

    • I wish I had taken GE classes based on the knowledge I may obtain, instead of the guys in it or the ease of the A.

  2. So funny. My favorite James question to me was after 5 days of bsitting 5 kids under 7…and trying 2 years to have a baby. I said, I hate kids. James said: Why are you trying so hard to have another one? Great question.

  3. It is a good thing you brought up Rpatz again because that is the only reason I read your blog. 🙂

  4. That’s great that you have that kind of relationship with your children. It is rare today. I also have an open relationship with my kids and with me being a CRNP they tend to ask a lot of “body” questions. When my (then) 4yr old asked if babies are taken out of the mommy’s abdomen (they also use medical terminology) why didn’t I have a scar. Thankfully a flock of geese was flying overhead at that exact moment and I responded “Oh wow, look at that!” while pointing to the sky. It bought me some time but not much. I just wasn’t ready to discuss the “birth canal” because I knew he would feel the need to educate his classmates with this new knowledge (most likely using the word vagina) and I would be the most despised parent ever.

    • It is lambing season in Montana. We go and watch baby lambs be born every year. And then talk about it for two weeks.

  5. Did you swear when you were answering his questions? This morning Vivian asked what was the first country in the world. I said, “It wasn’t Canada.”

    • But if it was Canada, you guys would probably be nice enough to let someone else claim they were.

  6. The other day my son asked: “How did I get out of you when I was a baby?”

    He’s four.

    This does not bode well for the future.

  7. Wait until he is twenty one and says, “Why didn’t you stop the wars?” Then moves back in. The horror…the horror…

    • My mother-in-law wondered why her kids never have a problem leaving; but then she realized they always came back.

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