Drive Bys

A cyber friend of mine whose website is made this comment on my Stalking post:

I’m not a good cyber stalker either and pretty much have the attention/interest span of a gnat.  However, I was an excellent voyeur stalker my 8th grade year.  My friend and I had a crush on the 12th grade neighbor and made that boy’s life a living nightmare.  We screamed and shouted and ogled and peered through high-powered hunting binoculars (these babies could detect a booger lodged in the nasal passage) at his physical mass. Thankfully for mankind we grew up and the voyeuristic stalking activity ceased.

This comment in combination with the fact that my twentieth high school reunion is in June has got me thinking about high school and ‘drive-bys.’  I didn’t do these often.  The only one I really remember was Jeremy.  We got lost and ended up at Chick-fil-a and then an hour later found it.  The chicken sandwich was really good.  I never dated Jeremy although he did drive by my house a week later.  I don’t think drive-bys lead to lasting relationships.

I remember the one in college  because I was in my twenties, which may be a bit old for that, and Miriam and I drove by Johannes’ house.  He was my German professor and he was from The Netherlands.  He had European glasses and a perfect English accent and a perfect German accent, which is incredibly attractive to someone who is really into languages.

In creative writing we had to turn in two weeks of journal entries.  I had entries about him on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I still turned it in to Louise Plummer who is married to Tom Plummer who was head of the German department.  I got my journal back with the note: “He is really cute, but he has a girlfriend who is coming to visit this weekend.”  It was the worst thing ever written on a paper I wrote while in college.

Before this, I did the drive-by.  The thing is when I saw his cute little house, I didn’t think how great it would be to marry this man and live in this house.  I thought: It is going to be so great when I am a professor and live in this house.

I guess the non-existent relationship was doomed before the stupid girlfriend.

2 responses to “Drive Bys

  1. Haha! Well at least my stalking was useful for something. Thanks for the mention. LOL You wrote about him in your journal? A journal that had to be handed in and read by another person?!? Wow….you have hutzpah!

  2. I have vivid memories of daily bike-bys in middle school past my gym teacher’s house. Hoping, just hoping to see him in the pool with his kids.

    It lead to nothing. Not even a babysitting gig.

    But I DID have a drive-by infatuation in High School that landed me a few dates with a boy who dumped me because all I would do was kiss. It was kind of a Sk8er Boi meets Uptown Girl scenario.

    He couldn’t make it to our HS reunion last summer. But, with good behavior, he should get out in time for the next one 🙂

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