A Place of My Own

I’m back.  I took a week off from writing to devote to my kids because I had been feeling guilty about not spending quality time with my kids and I realized that a week with my kids may not be the answer.  The week in 75 degree weather was the answer to the fact that Montana is driving me insane.  I know that we are north but you would think being surrounded by mountains would cut down on some of the wind.

The solution to "Spring" in Montana

What I did figure out is that I need writing space.  A friend rents an office space downtown.  She splits it with someone else and it is a decent price.  Kevin said I could use his office but I have done this before and although he says he doesn’t use it, he does.  And I don’t feel creative while in the middle of a dental office.  It’s not a creative space.

He is building a new office and he said I could rent space there for cheap seeing as I will actually own the building but that will be in a year and the hope is that the building is rented out completely and I am not finishing a little room I can use which would hinder another renter from renting the space because it isn’t the right size.  The only way I get an office is if we rent out everything except for 500 square feet or something like that.

I want to rent a room downtown but the problem is that in June I will move out to a lake which is 20 minutes from town and I’m not sure my babysitter this summer will have a car.  I could write outside with very large headphones so my neighbors won’t talk to me and after a year day or two my kids may ignore me.  I could put a desk upstairs but that is the play room and the spare room has a bed and room for nothing else.  Of course the summer is only three months so I could still rent the space even though I don’t use it tons.

To be honest, the main reason I am building a new house is my office.  I need an office.  I need space to write so that when I am writing, I am writing and not writing in between refereeing who gets to play on my phone or whose turn it is to pick a movie so I can have an hour of writing time while feeling guilty that my children watch too much television.  So I need to be able to go somewhere so that when I am home I can be home and not resent my family for taking away my writing time and when I am writing not feel as though I am a horrible mother.  (That feeling may have nothing to do with writing, however.)  It’s as though I am never truly content which according to Ally McBeal means that I am always looking for something a little better which is what life is all about so I should really stop complaining about it.

But then what would I have to write about?

Where do you write?

4 responses to “A Place of My Own

  1. Virginia Woolf would be proud.

    I write in coffee shops. And in our library at home in the evening. But my son sneaks down every night for a cuddle (or 3). I secretly love this but in the complexity of finding time to write I’m somewhat annoyed. Still, I’ll take the cuddles; they won’t last forever. Sigh.

    Just call 1-800-SAPPY.


    • I should not admit this, but as I was titling this post, I knew my title sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. Thank you for stopping me from going mad.
      I use coffee shops as well but I feel odd staying there for three hours.

  2. Montana Grandma

    In my chair in my living room by the window!

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