How to Travel with my Children

On a complete side note, I have a new motto:

“I need to look good for my party, and I refuse to wear anything in my size or appropriate for my age.” Angie on 30 Rock

How I travel with my children:

Some of you may not agree with what I am about to write, but that is because every parent has secrets that work with their own kids.  These work for me.

1.  I pack single serving kool-aid packs so that I can order water and make it a different flavor.

2. I let my kids each pick out a drink before we get on the plane for flights that don’t offer free soda (really makes me mad, by the way.)  My kids love getting the snacks on the plane but the cheap flights charge A LOT for little food and so I try to make a ritual out of the pre-boarding snack bar.

3.  I let each of my kids  get a drink so that they don’t have to share because it cuts down on screaming on the airplane that their brother drank more.  (And there is less sharing of back wash which truly grosses me out.)

4. I brought tons of snacks and I highly recommend Nutter Butters because it has sugar and protein.

5. I packed an extra suitcase with life jackets for the youngest two.  That way I didn’t have to be in the pool the whole time my kids are.  I also packed sand toys so that I could go to the beach with toys.  If you don’t bring toys, you either have to buy over-priced buckets, figure out what you have that will work as a shovel, and dig with your kids because the paper cup you are using isn’t cutting it.  I didn’t bring beach towels, though, and that was a huge mistake.

6. I brought Tylenol PM for me.  It got rid of any headache caused by overtired crying and helped me sleep while being kicked by 1-3 children.

7. We went swimming everyday which is important for people who live in Montana and will not be swimming again until the end of June.

8. I bought fresh strawberries every day.  This has nothing to do with traveling with children and more with the fact that I don’t get fresh fruit.  Ever.  Montana has cherries for one month.

So there you have it.  I also went to bed when they went to bed so that I had enough energy for them the next day.  Surprisingly enough, I did not lose it until hour three of the four hour drive from Idaho Falls (where we took the flight to LA) and that was after 32 oz of caffeine and a bag of jelly beans.

4 responses to “How to Travel with my Children

  1. AND….I think you’ll find unusual peace and quiet if you slip a Benadryl in that single serving kool-aid drink.

  2. Love the Kool Aid idea. Brilliant. And if there’s a drought, they can just eat it out of the package.

    • My kids would try to add it to running water in the sink. I guess there wouldn’t be any if there was a drought, though, huh.

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