I have Goals. Really I do.

This week has been interesting, but I believe only to me.  I have decided that I need to make a few goals and to actually work on them.  I believe part two of that sentence will be the difficult part.

I have asked a few people who run what motivates them and I am trying Elena Aitken’s idea: I entered a race.  I will get a t-shirt and because I do not want to be LAST, I went jogging last week.

I even have my shoes on. I believe that is step one.

This week the goal is to jog three times without stopping. I am trying to get my friend to enter the race as well, but we have a hard time training together due to 3 yr olds and the lack of desire to push a jogging stroller (if they would even sit in it.)

And then I have set some goals for writing.  This week I have been depressed because I don’t think anyone I am related to has me on their blogroll (which may prove that my older brother was right and mom and dad did find me on the street)  and I have realized that if a few certain people get published before I do I will never write again.  I have a lot of friends who write and who I hope get published.  But there are one or two or four people who I have known across the ages whose lives seem to pass over mine every 4-5 years and who seem to lead parallel lives.  I get married; they get married; they have kids; I have kids; they buy a new house; I look at floor plans.  They have blue eyes; I have blue eyes.  There is no true competition, except for the one I create.  And I have created a couple competitions in my head.  (None of them actually know each other so it is really hard to get a true competition going.)  Now it isn’t as though I don’t want them to get published or become rich and famous.  I just want to publish first and be slightly more rich and famous.  Does this make me a bad person?  What about the confession that if they do publish first, I hope I am skinnier?

So as I was eating ice cream while watching TV sitting next to an open, empty Word document, I realized that I am not doing much to win my completely in my own mind competition.  So here are my goals (I hope they are realistic.)

  1. I will spend one hour a day reading (either a book about writing or a book I think has a nice cover.)
  2. I will spend one hour a day writing (I include editing here and emailing about writing.  Blogging counts too.  So does copying recipes out of books.)

My husband said that my bookshelf reminds him of "Hoarders." But you can still get in the room.

I never claimed to be an over achiever and my babysitter goes back to college Wednesday.  #3 starts a one-month preschool in May, so I hope to go jogging while reading and writing during that time.  Of course, due to the fact that five of my friends’ kids will also be at this class, I may end up at lunch, but I will write down what they say for future use and possible black mail.

I am telling you all of this to feel as though I am accountable to someone.  And because I may be slightly narcissistic.

Household HInts will just make me a better person: "Don't make catty remarks."

I will end on the highlight of my week: Someone searched “90210” and “Dylan” and found my blog.  I am not sure if it was part of a search bomb experiment, but I  hope it wasn’t because if people are looking for 90210 and Dylan, they should really find me.

10 responses to “I have Goals. Really I do.

  1. Trish Loye Elliott

    Goals are great motivators (for the first week or so – or maybe that’s just me?). I’m also thinking of new goals. A regular exercise program is one of them and my writing is the other. I think small goals are a good way to start, then you don’t feel overwhelmed by them or depressed when they don’t happen. If you don’t manage to get reading, writing and jogging in all on the same day then don’t despair! We all struggle to do the same things. Just try again the next day. I will (I hope). Good luck! (Now I gotta get back to my writing and off the net!)

    • My true goal is to figure out a way to read, write and jog all at the same time. I have been known to listen to books on tape while running and I could download a recorder so that I could record my thoughts as they come out of my head. But that sounds like over achieving.

  2. Marianne – FYI – Mom raves on about your blog to us. . . she is definitely a fan & you make her laugh! She may not know how to get on your blogroll :)! I’m not sure how she sees it. . . I LOVE your blog! David says he never said that about finding you on the street – haha! I don’t believe him though :}. Hugs, :)DeeDee

    • Blog rolls are on blogs other people write. I made Mom subscribe. And supposedly you are not supposed to tell editors that your mom loves your writing. And David locked me in a cupboard telling me Mickey Mouse lived there. I have no doubt he told me I was found on the street.

  3. You’d be on my blogroll, if I had one. You know that. Alas, I don’t. I also own running shoes I rarely use, though I may be playing basketball in another month (and I have special shoes for that). Sigh. It’s hard. You’re on the right track, though. And your funny as heck.

    • I appreciate the love. I think my blog has to be only about my family (and be nice about it) to hit family blogrolls 🙂

  4. You are funny as heck. Damn homophones.

  5. You’re on my blogroll and if you want me to say that we have a blood relation then I’m sure I can creatively think of a story to make that happen!

  6. Elena Aitken

    YAY for goals! And running. It’s awesome I swear…really, it is…
    I would never get off the couch if I didn’t sign up for races. I have this innate fear of coming in last. Plus…i’ll do anything for a t-shirt. And a medal?? Really, when there’s a medal involved, I might get crazy.
    As for trying for the running, reading AND writing. Maybe combine them by listening to an audio book or talking into a dictaphone while running?
    Yay…who am i kidding…

    P.S. If the wordbitches had a blog roll, you’d totally be on it.

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