A Question of Accent

OK, so in the latest Entertainment Weekly, they have comments about the article they did on Robert Pattinson back in March.  There were a few different viewpoints and one made a comment in the general area of “with his sly humor, he is the next Colin Firth.”  Insert cough.

I thought about this for a while and I think it isn’t what he said, but his accent.  Now I realize that Entertainment Weekly is a magazine and you can’t hear his accent, but am I the only one who reads whatever a Brit says with an accent in my head?  I do not read it the same.  I just don’t.  So I think this commentator read the article with a British accent and now thinks RPatz sounds like Firth.  Because they actually don’t sound a thing a like and their accents aren’t similar either, but unless you are talking about a really different accent, like Scottish, Irish or Russell Brand, most British accents sound the same to us across the pond.  (Or are we across the other pond?)

And for most of us across one of the ponds, all British accents, including Irish and Scottish, sound incredibly good.  Pattinson could read the Joy of Cooking and I would bat my eyes and ask if he was talking to me.  (And let’s be honest, if he were reading a cookbook, he would NOT be talking to me.)

I think to find out if you really like someone British, you have to read what they say out loud with your own accent or have someone read it to you.  Then you can hear the words instead of the ever so quaint drop of ‘r’s’.

Or you can move to the British Isles.  I lived there for 18 months and when I was finished, I had realized that not everyone who sounds like Firth, acts like Firth.  And if we are being petty, but realistic about it, they don’t look like Firth either. For this to work, however, you must stay there because after a few years away, I am back to thinking my grocery list read with a British accent is sexy.  Very, very sexy.THE LOOK

I feel that by writing this, I have helped society.  I think less women will runaway and marry a British Islander after only one phone call (or reading an article with a fake accent.)

And am I wrong that this ailment affects mostly women?

P.S.  You are welcome.

12 responses to “A Question of Accent

  1. You blogged about my Colin. I love you even more now!

    Well, Mr. P may be my daughter’s Firth, but he’ll never be mine.

    On a slightly less seedy note (how’s that for a transition?), I worked with Brits for 5 years. I can now tell British accents apart (seriously). The problem is, I say things like: “Oh, he sounds like Malcolm. Where was Malcolm from?”

    Not so helpful, I’m afraid (like most of what I say).

    • I really hope our daughters get someone new. I think I would prefer Katherine crushing on Daniel Radcliffe. He seems to be intelligent and Harry Potter ends up with a redhead which means he plays characters with good taste which I bet rubs off on him.

  2. Jess Witkins

    Funny you blogged about this. I was thinking about men with great accents/voices the other day. I love Firth and Pattinson. But yesterday I kept daydreaming about Jeremy Irons and Gabriel Byrne. I just love their voices.

    • I like Jeremy Irons voice. I wish he would read to me before bed. I think I would have really great dreams then.

  3. I have been known to maximize my utilization of McDonalds drive thru when the Brit is working. Hearing him say “may I add the cream and sugar” does it for me. I also seem to experience hearing loss in his presence therefore he must repeat himself multiple times. Maybe your post has cured me? I think I require another drive thru visit just to be sure…..

    • Ask for an iced hot chocolate. When he gets it wrong every day for a week, that may also cure you.

  4. And let’s be honest, if he were reading a cookbook, he would NOT be talking to me………….. that’s my favorite line!!!

    I have to say RP isn’t my favorite either. He wasn’t my first choice to be Edward in Twilight either. Henry Cavill (played the son on The Count of Monte Cristo) would have been a nice choice!

    As for as men with accents go – Love them! Any accent will do. I do LOVE to listen to Simon Baker -the Mentalist is his current show but he does it without his native Australian accent though!!

    • I also like certain Latin accents and Australia will do as well. Do any nationalities think our accent is sexy?

  5. I’ve found that the accent (whether British, Irish, Scottish, New Zealand-ish, or Australian) kicks up the notch of a man’s looks considerably. Why??? I think my eyes gets glazed over when I hear the accent and maybe that is why they appear more handsome… kind of like Impressionist art, I just imagine and fill in the blanks. If the guy is already hot, then I guess they become more like HDtv. LOL.

  6. I met a man in the Caribbean with the most delightful English accent. So I took him home and married him!

    We do have a language barrier occasionally. I once sputtered, “Speak English!” when I didn’t understand what he was saying. He said, “I am – you’re speaking American!” Touche.

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