Master of Packing

Ok.  So I leave for Israel in 36 hours give or take.  I am doing my best to not be stressed, but in order to get excited  about this trip, I have purchased a few things.  I bought travel pants that pack small, don’t wrinkle and air dry.  I also bought a skirt that does the same.  Then I bought a couple plain, thin weight t-shirts that pack small and neat.  (Before I did this, I went through my closet and realized that I only had t-shirts with logos on them.  How does that happen?  When did I start buying t-shirts as souvenirs so that when it came time to buy a nice plain t-shirt, I would think I don’t need one because I have a t-shirt that says “Peace, Love, Mickey Mouse?”  Surprisingly, there are some places it can be awkward to wear this shirt (mainly if you go anywhere without your kids and people think you just bought this on your own and although you did, you don’t want people to actually know that and if your kids are with you, then you are a cool mom.)

And then I purchased packing squares and stuff sacks.  I have always thought these are a big waste of money created for people who do not want their white clothes to touch their colored clothes.  But because I am slightly nervous about this trip, I thought having my clothes organized would bring me a bit of comfort.  If this works, I should probably organize ALL of my clothes and not just my suitcase for one week.  Packing cubes are expensive, yet cheaper than Valium so I decided to splurge.  And they worked.  I have seven outfits in my small suitcase  and a camera and a small umbrella.  I feel like Mary Poppins.

I bought expired colors to save money so nothing coordinates. I apologize.

I am so amazed, I think I am going to redo my kids rooms with them.  (Or at least get them each their own set of cubes so that when we do travel, they have their own color and don’t touch anyone else’s color and why are your clothes not in your cube because we are leaving in 10 minutes and if you leave anything, I am not buying you any new clothes until the seasons change.)

So now I feel like a world class traveler with all of the secrets you read about in Delta magazine.  Sure, to make this work, I am wearing a week’s worth of underwear on the plane, but I figure if I wear nothing else, it shouldn’t be too awkward.  (Will TSA consider pairs 2-7 outer clothing and will I have to take it off before being x-rayed?)

4 responses to “Master of Packing

  1. Wow. Have a fantastic trip! Take your notebook. I want details. Of the bizarre stuff. The times you felt like screaming, crying, laughing.


  2. Can I have the kids if you die? You are going to give them to some relative aren’t you? Fine. My maternal grandfather was a redhead, like, really…so they would fit in…just sayin’.

    • I think you may be a little high right now, asking this. I will wait until you come down to talk to you calmly.

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