Meet Ballina

While I am taking a holiday, I will be visiting some of my old posts.  I hope you will enjoy them!
There is a new person in our house. She arrived rather suddenly. One day she wasn’t here and the next she has been here ever since. She is #2’s friend. She often does not have a father and #2 met her at Target. She has numerous puppies and if we want to go to China, her horse can take us there. Her brother’s name is Batman and he is from China.

Ballina seems nice enough, but if #2 can’t blame #1 or #3 for something, Ballina did it. Ballina tells #2 what food she likes and whether or not she wants to go to gym or dance. Ballina tells #2 if she doesn’t like an outfit she is wearing. Now that I think about it for a while, I don’t like Ballina. Ballina is a pain in my neck and I would like her to go away. I know that kids with pretend friends are supposed to be creative and brilliant and wonderful, but I think kids with pretend friends are just really good liars.

Some of you may know that I had a make believe friend: Karen Getty. She also had a Chinese friend who had no name, for some reason. But I don’t recall using the innocent Karen to get out of going to dance or to wear the same puppy shirt 3 days in a row. I didn’t smack my brother in the face, making him cry and claim Karen did it. (Probably because my brothers were 6 and 15 years older than me; but still…) I did not splash all of the water out of the bath tub and claim Karen created a tidal wave. I had her because I was lonely with no friends and lived in the middle of the woods with wolves in Connecticut. Huh. Maybe we should stick with the thought that kids with pretend friends are creative and brilliant and wonderful. yeah. that makes me feel much better.

One response to “Meet Ballina

  1. I had an imaginary friend too!! We would ride big wheels together. His/Her name was Kinney. (that’s right Kinney changed gender at my whim) And….it was my lonely thing 😦 Kinney went bye bye in the first grade when I moved to Taylorsville where there were actual kids my own age.

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