The Source of My Problems (ok, only one of them)

(You must have Pretty in Pink memorized for this post to mean anything to you.)

So after last post, I received a few concerned responses and phone calls.  I thought I should clear a few things up.  I would like everyone to know that I know that I am completely and totally insane.  That should alleviate a few concerns.

But I have good reason for being insane.  See, I went to high school during the John Hughes era.  Not only that, but I was a tall, redhead who had a bob haircut slightly longer than my alter ego, Molly Ringwald.  I believe this is where all of my problems stem from.  I truly believe that if I had had a great make out session in the back of a Ford Escort Sedan with either 1) James Spader or 2) anyone named Blane I would only be inviting four kids to my four year old’s birthday party and six kids to my six year olds birthday party.  Because neither of these two things happened, I must compensate.

Tomorrow’s post:  Why Never Having a Duckman means I Will Never Have a 9-5 Job.

2 responses to “The Source of My Problems (ok, only one of them)

  1. Your alter ego ended up on Townies after living in France.

    You at least have Montana.

  2. Someday I will tell you about Miss M’s very own John Hughes moment at the 7th Grade dance this year!

    (Somewhere between John Hughes and Soap Operas, I was poorly prepared for a real life.)

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