Why I Send My Kid to School with a Cough

A friend on Facebook wrote how she sent her kid to school with a cough, and how her kid’s friend’s mother called to make sure her kid was ok.  Many commented how they do the same but one person wrote how you should keep your kids home because it is unfair, contagious, blah, blah blah.  She wrote this in caps – Facebook equivalent of yelling.

Here is my answer.

  1. If my kid goes to school with a cough and gets your kid sick and you’re a mom who will keep her kid home, my child will surpass your kid in spelling.
  2. I grew up being Jennifer Grey in Ferris Bueller (my brother always skipped school) and therefore ALL of my children must barf up a lung to stay home.
  3. If my children stay home, I cannot take my 11 am nap.
  4. I don’t want a super cough to be developed by overuse of staying home medications.
  5. It’s just a stupid cough.
  6. This is a picture of a cough with the lense cap left on.

    And your excuse?

2 responses to “Why I Send My Kid to School with a Cough

  1. ha, ha, ha I send my kids everyday unless they have a fever. That’s what happens when you’re a single mom and need to buy food. Good luck to those moms wagging fingers at other moms.

  2. I dose them with meds and put cough drops in their pockets and send them to school! I figure that she can’t miss a third of the school year! A cough takes 2 weeks to go away and she has a least two or three a year! That’s a lot of time at home bugging me when she could be at school learning. PLUS she got it at school. The other kids are already exposed!!

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